lunes, 16 de abril de 2007

these were blgos that visit

hello people .. It's theses werw blogs that visit. because are very interesting and fine..!!
I hope do your like my comentaries.

sábado, 14 de abril de 2007


OK.. now I invite them to be written and to think of my final project.
I hope that they like takes to me much in doing it, but was amused and I made new and different something.
Thanks for everything.
greetings kisses

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miércoles, 11 de abril de 2007



Hello people… today will show a telephone conversation to them who I had with one of my better friends.
Zuly:hello mariana like these…
Mariana:hello zuly well and your like these
Zuly:brilliant I feel very well, I am calling to you for tell you that I am going to accept the invitation that you made me yesterday to go to the celebration.
Mariana:that good
Zuly:I am going away to take to my friend Jose Daniel.
Mariana:that we are going away well to amuse much.
Zuly:and it tell me Mari l to celebration it is normal or it has a subject in I specify
Mariana:it is normal, but he tell me that you are going to use for the celebration.
Zuly:I do not even have it sure but but surely it is that it uses a Jean and a shirt and sandals.And your that you are going to use
Mariana:I do not have nor idea of which it is going to use.
Zuly:good we are speaking , we see ourselves tomorrow in the university.
Mariana:OK bye.



Hello. Today it will speak to them on an artist that I admire much and I am going to them to say because…
My ídol is SHAKIRA enchant its songs to me and its personality, its complete name is Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll, singer and composer of pop rock and in English Spanish and, nacióenBarranquilla(Colombia) the 2 of February of 1977 In Arab shakira (شكيرة) means very "been thankful".
One is one of the singers of the Latin musical scope with more international success.She is daughter of a family of middle-class.Their parents are William Mebarak, of Lebanese ancestry, and Nidia Ripoll, Colombian.The traditionalistic character of its parents influenced in the decision to put Shakira of name to its daughter, who means "Goddess of the Hindu Light" in and "full Woman of Grace" in Arab.For almost one decade, Shakira has been in the center of diverse shared in common causes that show the facet more it jeopardize of this singer.Deeply implied in the gradual development of Latin America through his Foundation Barefoot Feet, the singer does not seem arranged to lower the arms and promises to continue acting because "my generation is tired of the inequality"Are words said by she herself.
She is a complete artist who has included all the scopes in the cultural rank… is my ídolo and she would enchant to me to be able to know it some you see ..!!

martes, 10 de abril de 2007

That I Did the last week


I am going to tell a little to them on which I made the week last.
Saturday I went to scout's and I shared with my companions of the unit.
Sunday separates to me very early to go to the mass of branches, is a mass that it enchants to me, in afternoon I went with my friends to the path and we passed it very well we mounted bicycle and we played tennis.
Monday I went to visit my grandmother in its house.
Tuesday I was with my cousins and my aunts for the path we passed very well all together ones in family.
Wednesday I have left in my house and clean my room.
Thursday we left for the one house my uncles and I played with my cousins.
Friday in the mañanita stops me to 6 in the morning to study with a mathematical professor.And in afternoon it came to me to visit a friend and we were together with my breast for the sambil.
Saturday I was with all the family for the pin Zulia… we spent much silver and that him taste to any of greater but we prime them did not pay attention to him and continued playing… my week was spectacular and I amused much.

Like giving directions


Hello everybody ..!!
I am going to show to my map and them to them dare some directions.

Where this police?

the police this in the corner of the Urdaneta avenue with Asia street.
between the hospital and the park.

As I arrive when cyber from the park?

In order to arrive when cyber from the park you must walk a block rising by the avenue zuly. cyber this corner of the avenue zuly with America street.

We made a theater work.


In this unit we made a play to familiarize to us with the vocabulary of the diseases.

First scene
Alejandra (friend):hello that happens to you
Zuly(paciente):hello I feel very badly.
Alejandra:becauseThat he happens to you
Zuly:I have a toothache
Alejandra: mmm…because you do not go to the doctor
Zuly:good at the moment I go in way to the hospital.
Alejandra:well I can acompañarte.
Zuly: it's a good idea.Because I can't speak well.
Second scene
Wrilyin(recepcionista):good morning.That it happens to him to her
Alejandra:good morning.It has a pain teeth
Wrilyin: mmm…OK I am going to call to the doctor

Third scene
Wrilyin:doctor has a patient hoping.
Dayanis (doctor):OK please dígale that hopes a little while
Wrilyin:if doctor is no problem.

Fourth scene
Wrilyin:the occupied doctor at the moment this.Please he could wait for sitting here.

Fifth scene
Dayanis:OK zuly that happens to you
Zuly:Doctor I have a strong toothache
Dayanis:good let's take to look AT you..I a.m. going to give some pills, take one before of food and returns the next week for extract the tooth
Zuly:OK doctor thanks we see the next week.